The Onion Show



The Onion Show, staged in the Memorial Hall, is unique in that all exhibits are only from the Onion Family, or Alliums to give them their correct name. As well as onions, exhibits are invited for blanch leeks, pot leeks, garlic and chives.

Exhibitors from as far afield as the north of England and from Wales have been bringing their exhibits for the last 20 years. There are excellent cash prizes to be won, as well as trophies for the winners of the various classes. There are also classes for children and adults to show off their artistic talents and make an animal out of vegetables - especially onions, of course.



 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all enquiries 


Being affiliated to the National Vegetable Society, we always have a reputable NVS judge for the Onion Show.



The judges for 2019 will be announced on due course.

The judges for 2018 were:


  •  Roy Bassett and Dave Perry

Cookery and Vegetable Characters:   

  • Pippa Palmer- local food professional

2012 saw a new innovation for the Onion Show, the introduction of 3 new classes to test competitors culinary skills. These cookery classes all featured onions of course!

The Memorial Hall opens to the public as soon after 10.30am as possible on the day, when judging is complete. Onion Show Trophies, which are held by winners for one year, will be presented at 4.30pm on the day. Entries may be removed at 5.00 pm.