Welcome to Gloucestershire's


one-day festival.


An Important Announcement


The 25th Newent Onion Fayre will now be held on


Saturday 10th September 2022

In Celebration of the Noble Onion 

Hello Everyone


Regretfully, due to the ongoing Corona virus pandemic, we have had to make the decision to postpone the 25th Newent Onion Fayre once more.


We recognise and applaud the amazing progress of the vaccination programme. Its great to see the road map pointing the way, and that light glimmering at the end of the tunnel. 

However, staging the Onion Fayre requires more time and certainty than we will have available to us this year.


We have decided that once the team can get together in person again, we will start planning for  an event in 2022 that will be truly worthy of the title:


'A Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Noble Onion'.


See you all in 2022!



 Andy Offord,    Chairman, Newent Onion Fayre Committee



  Established in the 13th Century under the Royal Seal of King Henry lll of England